Who are we?

We are three young theoretical physicists, who are not only joined by desire of better understanding of our universe, but also by interest in speculations how to use mathematical apparatus for creation of artistic structures, which would please an aesthetic hungry eye as well as rack the grey matter behind the eyes.

Jan Jan Jan

Fízeľ Ján

Škovran Matej

Polák Vratko

His science field is cosmology and general relativity, at the moment on the PhD level. He practices a variety of sports, is interested in theatre, modern design and he is active in Mensa Slovakia. Beside exact art he is also working on realistic paintings and drawings.

To his main science interests belong tensor perturbations and cosmic microwave background. He is fascinated by Asian culture, plays squash and enjoys exotic foods.

Slovakian expert on relativistic elasticity and geometrical quantization, who is presently working in the IT field. His top hobby is chess and finding new and elegant ideas. He chose Singularitarianism as his religion.


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