What is Exact art?

Exact art is new and unconventional way of expression of contemporary art. As a basic inspiration is used physical phenomenon, mathematical structure or any other system with precisely given properties. Depending on the complexity of the idea is this work transformed into punctually defined shapes which can be put on canvass. By this process is the inspiration “ciphered” to its new aesthetical form.


The word exact is in normal speech interchangeable for words accurate, minute or precise. In accordance with these attributes exact art tries also to be something strictly defined, unchangeable and enduring. This explains why the main meaning of exact art lies in the conceptual idea and not in the rendering itself as we can see in the paintings of classical masters. Thus in some of the exact artwork we can find simple geometrical objects like triangles or squares, whose arrangements and colours is strictly given. More complex ideas are drawn by computers which are able to assign precisely the prescribed colour to every single pixel.

Added value?

Hundred years ago Malevich has changed the look of modern art by the simplicity and preciseness of his black square. It might seem on the first sight that there wasn´t much new in this work, but art, especially in modern times is not any more about perfect form. The idea behind the artwork is beginning to acquire more and more value than fleckless strokes of brush traditionally showing beauty of people or nature.

More than one field education of artist can thus create a fertile ground for acquiring new ways of expression and creation on artwork. Mathematics, as a language of physics, has its standardized form, as we know it from schools, however equations and Greek letters are not the only way how to express what need to be expressed. Mathematics can be given on canvass as an aesthetical entity. Exact art is the agent by which we can prove it.


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